Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping for Custom Furniture

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping for Custom Furniture

Custom furniture is the perfect option for homeowners who want tailored pieces that resonate with their personal tastes and needs. However, the road to crafting these personalized pieces is full of potential pitfalls that could turn your dream furniture into a missed opportunity.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid custom furniture! Learning the common mistakes to avoid when shopping for custom furniture will help you avoid pitfalls and invest in furniture that brightens up your home. Check out the biggest mistakes you may encounter so you can start navigating custom furniture designs with excitement.

Not Considering Available Space

One of the first mistakes many people make when ordering custom furniture is failing to measure and visualize the available space. This oversight can lead to pieces that are either too bulky, too small, or out of place. Custom furniture is tailor-made for a specific area, so take precise measurements and consider the flow of the room.

Account for every table leg, countertop corner, and beyond. Providing the wrong measurements to your vendor can lead to a piece of furniture that stands out in the wrong way. Carefully measuring the area where you want to place your furniture and communicating that to the furniture builder helps them craft a piece that fits into your home seamlessly.

Measure the space from every angle. Create a simple floor plan, and use painter’s tape to outline where the new piece will sit. This simple step can save you from costly and time-consuming adjustments down the line.

Overlooking Comfort and Functionality

Another common mistake to avoid when shopping for custom furniture is focusing too heavily on aesthetics. Doing so may overshadow the function and comfort of custom furniture.

Your bespoke pieces should not only be beautiful but also comfortable and practical. Spend some time thinking about how you and anyone else will use the piece, and confirm it will serve its purpose.

You should always consider the intended uses of the furniture when discussing the design with your manufacturer. This doesn’t mean you have to throw aesthetics out the window entirely. You can still let your creativity shine through any piece of furniture at home! For example, at Sawdust City, we design our handmade pine furniture to meet each customer’s aesthetic and practical needs.

Forgetting To Clarify Lead Times

In the excitement of designing and ordering custom furniture, you may forget lead times. Custom pieces require time to make. Depending on the complexity of your design and the workload of your chosen designer or manufacturer, the production of your custom piece could take longer than anticipated.

To avoid disappointment, inquire about lead times before finalizing your order. Factor these timelines into your project schedule, especially if you’re coordinating multiple home improvement tasks. Patience is key with custom furniture; understanding and accommodating lead times will ensure you’re not left in a bind if your furniture doesn’t arrive as quickly as you had hoped.

24th Apr 2024

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