6 Ways to Introduce a Bit of Extra Christmas Cheer Around Your Home

6 Ways to Introduce a Bit of Extra Christmas Cheer Around Your Home

So the tree is up, lit, and trimmed, and the halls are (mostly) decked. You’ve put out your typical, season-in-and-season-out staples, but you want more.

But how can you add a bit more Christmas spirit without overdoing it?

There are tons of ways to get creative, and many of them are somewhat subtle. Check out these ideas for inspiration, and see if you can add a few of them into your holiday decorating repertoire, starting this season!

Christmas Signs

                                        Christmas signs

Our Christmas signs are made in America from solid knotty pine and are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and of course, messages. We carry signs with classic Christmas quotes, funny and witty signs, and much more.

Many of our signs have a slot routed in the back, too, so you can get really creative with them. They’re perfect for hanging on walls or just placing on desks, shelves, or mantels.

With such a wide assortment of Christmas signs, there’s no shortage of ways to use them around the house. Add some to the cubbies in a hutch; place one in the kitchen on a bit of bare shelf space or over the fireplace. They’re also great for bookshelves, windows, or just hanging on the wall, and will make any space feel just a bit cozier!

A Touch of Christmas Greenery

Even after you’ve got the tree up, there are so many great ways to decorate with a bit more Christmas greenery. Garlands, wreaths, swags, and sprays are all equally versatile and can be placed around your home to add color and Christmas spirit.

Does a room feel just a little bit too bare? Add a wreath to the wall - over the fireplace is a great place to add one. Windows are also natural blank canvases in which wreaths will naturally stun.

Garlands are even more versatile. You can spiral them up columns, banisters, and up fences and signposts. Inside, you can wrap them up the rails of your staircases to add instant cheer. You can also drape them over mantels and shelves, or wrap garland around light fixtures.

By the way, if you really want to fill a space, don’t just add the greenery, decorate it following the same color scheme and aesthetic that you have on your tree. Garlands can be decorated with lights, ornaments, ribbon, and other accents, to add a little more color, continuity, and depth.

Lights, Beads, and Tinsel

Even if you forgo the garland, you can still add Christmas lights anywhere in your home, where they will produce gentle, lambent accent lighting that will make any space a whole lot cozier and festive.

String lights and other low-voltage lights can be wrapped around banisters, railings, and draped over shelves, with or without garland. You can also hang lights around furniture like armoires and bookcases.

You can also get creative with tinsel and beads. A great way to use tinsel around your home is to hang it from light fixtures like low-hanging chandeliers, where it will catch the light and add a little Christmas twinkle to your interior.

Minify the Tree

Already got a full-sized tree in one room? That doesn’t mean you can’t add a miniature tree to one of your other living areas, or to an office or library.

Tabletop trees are great here, and can be placed on shelves, counters, islands, dining tables, and desks. These can be decorated with ornaments and accents that mirror your overarching color scheme and aesthetic, or you can give a totally different, and unique, theme to each mini tree.

One cool way to add a little depth is to theme the mini tree according to your family’s interests - it’s easy to theme a tree according to hobbies or a favorite sports team with specially-themed ornaments.

Decorative Accents

In addition to the other ideas mentioned here, you can also get creative with other decorative accents, like miniature Nativity Scenes, wooden nutcrackers, or resin figurines, like Santa sculptures.

These are perfect for placing under or around your miniature trees, or in front of the garland and other greenery you used on shelves and mantels. You can also use decorative figurines on windowsills, desks, or incorporate them into centerpieces.

Christmas Centerpieces

                        Christmas signs

Another great way to increase the allure of any interior setting is to create a centerpiece, which can be used on a table, an island, or even on a desk.

Don’t shell out big bucks for premade centerpieces, though. You can make them on your own with a plain Christmas wreath.

Simply lay the wreath in the center of the table or counter instead of hanging it, and then fill up the middle with decorative accents, baubles, pine cones, potpourri, or even candles.

Then of course you can also add lights, beads, ribbon, ornaments, tinsel and other accents to the wreath itself - and there you have an instant centerpiece!

Get Started Decorating with Christmas Signs

Ready to start adding some more welcoming Christmas spirit to your home? Get a few Christmas signs from our collection, start there by adding them around your home, and see where your creative inclination takes you.

Hopefully you found some of the tips in this article helpful and can put them into practice this year!

30th Nov 2023

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