What Does "cantback" mean?

cantback-2-ft-hutches-1.jpgCantback refers to a specific look that can be applied to a variety of furniture pieces.  The root word "cant" has a number of meanings, many of them referring to angles, pitch, slant, and tilt.  Therefore, the word "cantback" applies to any piece of furniture that appears to slant or tilt back at an angle. 

Sawdust City offers a number of hutches in the cantback style, and we also have a cantback bench. These have clean lines and angles, making them fit in a variety of decorating styles, such as shaker, mission, country, and primitive.

Cantback hutches made by Sawdust City offer excellent display and storage options.  The cabinet bases on our hutches provide ample room for tucking things out of sight.  The first shelf, at approximately table height, starts at a practical depth for shelving books or other oft-used items.  As the hutch rises, the sides slant, or "cant" back, reducing the depth of each subsequent shelf.  The change in depth provides a visually pleasing variation in a single piece of furniture.  The angled style can also help open smaller spaces by seeming to "lean back" into the wall as opposed to looming out and towering over a room.  The decreasing depth of shelves also make for excellent display, since upper shelves don't overshadow the content on the lower shelves.

All of Sawdust City's furniture is made of solid knotty pine, and built using screws and plugs, for beautiful sturdy furniture meant to be used and last for years to come.  With over 40 colors, 2 finishes, and natural stain & poly options, finding a cantback hutch to fit your home decor is a breeze at Sawdust City!