CUSTOM - Wood Display Cabinet

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  • Wood Display Cabinet | Custom Wood Furniture | Sawdust City Pine Furniture
  • Wood Display Cabinet | Custom Wood Furniture | Sawdust City Pine Furniture
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Call us to customize this real wood display cabinet with a deep storage base. Made in two pieces, the top wood display unit sits on the base cabinet with doors. We make all wood displays with fixed or adjustable shelving. If you prefer adjustable shelving, we still make one stationary shelf fixed in place to add stability to the unit, but then we'll make as many adjustable shelves as you need. 

Imagine using one of these in a playroom or family room for attractive storage and organization.  Use the shelves for books, and store games in the cabinet base.  Or maybe use the shelves to display decorative accents and photos, and store seasonal items in the base.  Customize this to fit your needs - how wide do you need it, do the shelves need to be a specific depth to fit a special collection of books?  Let us build your custom pine display case to your exact needs!

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Color Palette

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If you'd like to order a set of color chips, please call 800-717-3031.

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